Speaking at Agile Development Practices East

On Thu, Nov 10, I will be in Orlando to share my views on some recurring anti-patterns I have encountered during Agile adoptions. If you are an Agile manager or sponsor, or want to be one, and have ever wondered if Agile is a fit for you or your organization, this session is meant for you. I will share some war stories and my secret sauce of success on ThoughtWorks' engagements.

I will delve into these pathologies at four levels; individual, team, management, and organization. We'll have a look at the 'Agile Iceberg' and try to define what an Agile Transformation means after evaluating notions such as 'Preconventional' and 'Postconventional' agility. 

As a speaker I get to share with you $200 discount. Just use the discount code, SPAS, to register. With an additional early bird discount of $200, this should save you $400 for conference registration.

Here are some links to the program: